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Fruit Fresh Spain are premier growers and exporters of the finest quality fruits. We are located in Murcia in the South East of Spain.


Fruit Fresh Spain grows, selects and processes the finest citrus fruits for our customers.
We are based in Murcia – Spain.

We have been at the forefront of fresh citrus and fruit for the last ten years and have an extensive international customer base. We sell organic and conventional products always with the highest quality hence our motto “Quality Just Tastes Better”.

High Quality Fresh Fruit direct from the gowers

Fruit Fresh Spain is aware of the importance of continuous improvement to offer the best products to our customers, as demonstrated by our constant investment in research, development and innovation.

80% of the citrus and fruit we sell comes from our own orchards. Due to the great growth we have had we have local agricultural producers who are partners and suppliers, the company has direct access to a wide variety of crops close to our factories. These companies have a wealth of experience in agricultural production which enables Fruit Fresh Spain to source high quality citrus and fruit. The proximity of the crops to the plant and the speed of processing ensure maximum freshness in our products.

Fresh fruit growers - Spain
Fresh fruit growers - Spain

From tree to table

Our main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of our consumers, so we always select the best fruit and citrus fruits available at all times. To do this, we work from the field to the table, always thinking of each of our customers, offering each consumer the fruit that meets all their expectations.

Fruit Fresh Spain

“Growers and exporters of the of the finest quality Spanish fruits”