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Spain has become the leading supplier of citrus and fresh fruit on the market, especially lemons and mandarins. The proximity of our factories to the harvesting areas allows us to fulfil our commitment to our customers, always offering a fresh product with all the flavour and aroma of the fruit.

Our Mandarins

Mandarins are not only a good supplier of vitamins during the cold season, but also a delicious refreshment on warm days. The amount of watering of the plants is decisive for the fruits to obtain their high juice content. Mandarins have always been considered the candy of the garden, as their very sweet taste and their large amount of water make them look like a jelly bean. Fresh Fruit Spain only harvests them when they reach their optimum quality, so that they maintain all their properties and flavour.

The main component of mandarins is water and, compared to other fruits of the same kind, they contain less sugars and therefore fewer calories. The amount of fibre is appreciable and this is found above all in the white part between the pulp and the rind, which is why its consumption favours intestinal transit. Its vitamin content includes vitamin C, in smaller quantities than in oranges, folic acid and provitamin A, which is more abundant than in any other citrus fruit. It also contains significant amounts of citric acid, malic acid and flavonoids (pigments with antioxidant action).

The most abundant mineral is potassium, as well as small amounts of magnesium and phosphorus, and calcium, which is less abundant than that found in dairy products or other foods that are a good source of this mineral.

Mandarin Suppliers Spain

Fruit Fresh Spain

“Growers and exporters of the of the finest quality Spanish fruits”

1. Orri

They are harvested between January and May. It has very high levels of sugars, although this is compensated by its acidity. It keeps for a long time once harvested and is of extraordinary quality. They have a high fibre content, antioxidant, vitamins C and B, citric acid and carotene, an anti-cold effect, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure regulator and beneficial for the treatment of ulcers.

2. Tango

Mandarins are not only a good supplier of vitamins in the cold season, but also a delicious refreshment on warm days. The amount of watering of the plants is decisive for the high juice content of the fruit. They have a fine flesh, a very pleasant taste and are sweet. They are easy to peel and have no seeds. They are harvested from January to March. The main characteristic of the TANG GOLD clementine mandarin or also called tango mandarin, is that it is a variety that does not contain seeds or pips and does not cause seeds in other citrus fruits. In addition, tang gold mandarins are very easy to peel.

The tango mandarin has a unique flavour with a high juice content that you will love. It is a late mandarin, with production in January, February and March.

3. Spring Sunshine

This is probably the best mandarin there is. It is a protected variety in the European Union. It has a high juice content and a perfect balance between acids and sugars. Its skin is reddish orange and easy to peel.

Spring Sunshine is considered the best variation of the Murcott mandarin and the latest of the premium mandarins. The trees are medium-high vigour and upright, thornless and very productive. Spring Sunshine has a sweet, dense and intense flavour in the mouth, with a higher acid level than the Murcott variety and excellent juice content (over 50%). The flesh has a melting texture. The fruit reaches a very attractive deep orange colour when ripe, with a thin but resistant skin that is easy to peel. It is round and slightly flattened. Although the variety is self compatible, pollen viability is low.

4. Clementine

The Clementine Clementine is more than a mandarin, it has the best of the orange and the common mandarin:

  • -According to a study by the Universities of Murcia and Elche it is the best clementine variety in the world for making juice due to its sweetness and amount of juice per piece.
  • It has very few pips with a very thin skin that is easy to remove and has a certain tendency to bruise.
  • It is a medium-sized mandarin, with an intense and bright orange skin and an interior with firm, juicy and very melting segments.
  • The flavour of the mandarin has a balance between sugar and acidity.


    5. Clemenvilla

    Clemenvilla may not be considered a clementine per se, but let’s see what characteristics differentiate this variety from the rest:

    • The flavour of this variety is exceptional, highlighting its high concentration of sugars with a slight acidity and low bitterness.
    • The segments of this mandarin are characterised by a very high juice content and lack (in most cases) of pips.
    • The mandarin has a good size with a very bright, intense orange colour and a thin, easy-to-remove skin.
    • High in vitamin C and potassium


      Fruit Fresh Spain

      “Growers and exporters of the of the finest quality Spanish fruits”