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We are growers, producers and exporters of the finest fresh peaches from the region of Murcia in Spain

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Spain has become the main exporter of fresh peaches. with Murcia being the region with the highest production in the country.


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Peaches are a sweet, tasty, refreshing and healthy summer fruit. They have preventive health benefits among their properties. They provide vitamins A, C, E and minerals. The combination of nutrients found in the pulp and skin has digestive and antioxidant properties.

The peach can be classified in three families: white flesh, yellow flesh and pavia type (hard or semi-hard flesh, attached to the seed). There are more than two thousand varieties, including those that have been improved by grafting. Among the best known are: alba, alboplena, atropurpúrea, péndula, purpúrea, rosea, rubra, rubroplena and calanda. The nectarine is a variant of the peach with a non-fuzzy skin. In many occasions this variant is born from the peach tree itself as a mutated shoot that is usually grafted to create a new species. It is common for peach trees to produce a few nectarines from time to time.

These, like peaches, can be white or yellow fleshed and attached to the stone or loose. Paraguayan peach Harvesting begins approximately at the end of May and lasts until the end of September. The Paraguayan peach has the same nutritional properties as the peach, where it differs in its physical appearance due to the fuzziness of the skin, its flattened shape, the characteristic colour when it is at its best, and its flesh, more fleshy and sweet.

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