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Spain is a powerhouse in lemon exports, and the crown jewel of this citrus empire is none other than Murcia. Here, the lemons are not just fruits; they’re a celebration of the region’s agricultural prowess. Murcia leads the country in lemon production, and for good reason. The climate, soil, and traditional farming methods converge to create lemons that are in a league of their own.

What sets our Murcian lemons apart? It’s their rich nutritional profile, for starters. Packed with vitamin C, citric acid, and potassium, these lemons are a natural remedy for a host of ailments. But it’s not just about what’s on the inside. The vibrant color and aromatic zest make them a favorite in kitchens and cosmetic products alike.

The best part? We have year-round production. That means you can enjoy the unmatched quality of Murcian lemons anytime you like. Whether you’re a consumer looking for the freshest produce or part of the citrus derivatives industry seeking high-quality raw material, our lemons are the go-to choice. They’re not just a fruit; they’re a testament to the quality and tradition that define Murcia.


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Primofiori is a Spanish variety grown more specifically in the Levante area. It is the most important variety in Spain and the earliest. It accounts for 80% of the annual production of lemons in Spain.

Flowering normally takes place between the first fortnight of April and the beginning of May.
Although it also has a second flowering in summer (called rodrejos), but it is very scarce and with much thicker fruits than those of the normal crop.

The fruit is medium-sized, spherical or oval, with a smooth, thin rind. It lacks a neck in the peduncular region and its apical mamelon is sharp and small.
The flesh has a pale yellow colour, is very juicy, with a high juice yield and high acidity, which makes this variety very appreciated for the citrus derivatives industry.

Lemon of Spanish origin, cultivated mainly in the province of Murcia. It is the second most important variety in Spain (after Primofiori).

This lemon tree is reflorescent and has basically two blooms. The main one, which gives rise to the so-called harvest fruit, lasts from March to May, depending on the climate, location and physiological state of the trees.
Inside, the flesh is tender and juicy, with a good juice content and low acidity. The average number of segments is eight to nine.

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