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Fruit Fresh Spain

Bringing the taste of Spain to your table – a premium selection of citrus fruits grown under the Mediterranean sun, hand-picked and carefully exported to delight your senses

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Fruit Growers, Producers and Exporters in Spain

Fruit Fresh Spain

Growers, producers and exporters of the finest quality Spanish fruit

At Fruit Fresh Spain we have been producers, processors and exporters of citrus and fresh fruit for more than 10 years. Our main value is the quality of all our products, which allows us to achieve and maintain our commercial relations with our clients in both national and international markets.

Our headquarters are located in Murcia, the so-called “Huerta de Europa”, the microclimate of this region makes the fruit and citrus fruits have a supreme quality.

We have around 100 hectares of our own production which allows us to have greater control over our production, more competitive and above all our excellent quality.

The Highest Quality Fruit – Made in Spain

Working with local agricultural producers who are both partners and suppliers, means that the company has direct access to a wide variety of crops near our factories. Our suppliers have extensive experience in agricultural production which allows Frozen Juices Spain to obtain high quality fruits.

The proximity of the crops to the plant and the speed of processing of the products guarantees maximum freshness.

Why Fruit Fresh Spain?

“Our aim is to produce and offer the best citrus and fresh fruit, always of the highest quality and to be the leading brand in Europe for consumers, in a society that values us for who we are and what we do.”


Our main objective is quality, we undertake a rigorous quality control process to ensure that the fruit arrives in the best possible condition.


Experience the taste of the Mediterranean with the high-quality fruit grown by Murcia’s expert growers.

Fresh Fruit Exporters

Savor the flavor of the Mediterranean with our selection of fresh and delicious fruit expertly exported straight from the fertile orchards of Murcia, Spain

The freshest fruit

Enjoy the freshest, most flavorful fruit with our selection of hand-picked, sun-ripened produce from Murcia’s premier growers.


Taste the difference with our fast and reliable shipping options that ensure your fresh fruit arrives at your door in the best condition.


Expect nothing but the best with our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction for all of your Murcia fruit export needs.

Import fruit from Spain?

Import fruit from Spain

Looking to import fruit from Spain? Fruit Fresh Spain is your best option for high-quality, fresh and nutrient-rich fruits such as lemons, mandarins, apricots, and peaches.

Spain’s ideal climate and nutrient-rich soil ensure the best flavor and variety, supported by the government’s subsidies and regulations.

However, challenges such as import regulations, shipping costs, and language barriers should be considered.

Contact us today to find out more about importing our quality fruit.

Looking to import premium fruits from Spain?

Embark on a journey of taste and quality with FruitFrehSpain. We specialize in helping businesses and individuals import premium fruits from Spain, offering a diverse range of high-quality, locally-sourced produce.

Our selection captures the essence of Spanish sunshine, from the sweet, juicy oranges to the lush, fragrant Murcian peaches. All our fruits are harvested at the peak of ripeness to ensure the finest quality.

Fruit Fresh Spain

Growers and fruit exporters of the finest quality Spanish fruits

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