Spain is one of the main producers of fruit and vegetables in the European Union. This is no surprise, since its different provinces are home to a large number of leading companies in the agricultural sector, as well as being the world’s leading exporter of wine.

That is why knowing about the fruits that bring the greatest production and distribution to the country is important. This blog outlines the most important fruits grown and exported in Spain.

1. Mandarins are the fruit with the highest production in Spain after oranges.

According to calculations made a couple of years ago, the production of fruit such as mandarins in Spain is only surpassed by China.

This is why this country is considered to be the leader in mandarin production, most of which is exported, a category in which it also stands out. Most of them are harvested in Castellón and Tarragona, but the main production is in Valencia.

Citrus fruits grown in Spain

2. Oranges, one of the main fruits produced in Spain

Oranges are considered to be one of the fruits of Spain that comes out of the country’s fields in the greatest number of kilos.

It is estimated that more than three million tonnes are produced each year. The main production of this citrus fruit is obtained to a lesser extent in Valencia, while half of the specified quantity comes from Andalusia, above all from Seville.

3. Lemons, export fruit in Spain

In the citrus fruit category, lemons are another major fruit produced in Spain.

They are grown and produced mainly in the Murcian countryside. The country is the second largest exporter of this citrus fruit in the world.

4. Peaches

Peaches are one of the fruits that we must not forget to mention among Spain’s production.

The country is considered to be the main exporter of this fruit worldwide, while its production is located in Lérida and Murcia.

5. Apricots

Spain ranks third in the world among apricot producers. Together with other minor regions like Aragon, the Balearic Islands, and Albacete, the primary growing regions in Spain are found along the Mediterranean coast, particularly in Murcia and Valencia.

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6. Grapes

Considering that Spain is one of the world’s leading wine exporters, it is not surprising that grapes are one of the main fruits with the highest production in the region.

In previous years, it is estimated that more than five million tonnes of grapes were harvested in its great variety of types and classifications.

The vast majority of these, of course, went into wine production.

7. Olives

Nor can we forget that Spain is considered to be the leading country in olive oil production, so olives are also one of the fruits with the highest production in the territory.

In previous years, it is estimated that more than six and a half million tonnes have been harvested, which are used for general consumption and for oil production. Most of these are produced in Andalusia.

8. Melon, among the top three non-citrus fruits with the highest production in Spain.

The melon is positioned after peaches in the list of non-citrus fruit production in Spain, which is also one of the world’s main export products.

This fruit is prominently produced in the central peninsular of the country, with a large overall production.

9. Apples

Apples as a fruit in general do not have large production levels in most parts of the world.

However, it is the eighth largest fruit producer in Spain. It is most prominently produced in the northern and north-western provinces of the country.

10. Watermelons, the fruit that is technically not a fruit

Watermelons are not technically considered a fruit, but they are worth including in the list, as they have a large production in the country, Their production numbers are higher than melon and peach; half of its production comes from Almeria and it is also one of the main export fruits.

11. Strawberries, one of the fruits with the highest production in Spain and Europe.

Strawberries are one of the most important fruits both in Spain and in the European region. Its production is one of the highest, coming mainly from Huelva and other regions such as Cadiz, Andalusia, Seville, Granada, among others.

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